We are Energy Innovators

Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) is a clean energy technology company developing and manufacturing advanced catalytic devices and systems for energy sector applications.

StarsOur catalytic reactor and catalytic combustor products include:

  • RCL® ultra-low NOx catalytic combustors for gas turbines and high heat rate downhole steam generators for oil and gas production and surface steam generators for soil disinfestation and soil remediation.
  • Primary customers include manufacturers of aerospace and defense systems, automotive systems, fuel cell systems, engines, gas turbines, and chemicals, as well as oil and gas producers and the US Government.







Precision Combustion, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets catalytic components and systems for clean and efficient combustion, power generation, emission control, and chemical manufacturing applications.


We aspire to develop and commercialize world leading catalytic combustion and catalytic reaction technologies to enable mankind to improve its way of life while reducing and eliminating atmospheric pollutants.


Our Core Competencies are in the fields of catalytic reaction and combustion including reactor design catalyst formulation, coating processes, reactor assembly, and performance testing.