Committed to making a difference? We are now hiring!

We’re a small company developing innovative clean energy technology solutions for America and the world.

Our people have built a world-leading expertise in catalytic combustion, catalytic reforming, and novel system solutions. We want people who want the opportunity to contribute their best in a team that is tackling important challenges. This is an excellent opportunity with great benefits in addition to applying your skills in a technology company positioned at the forefront of the clean energy industry.

We’re now hiring, both for the linked positions and for other new openings resulting from growth. We want people with fundamental skills and passion who love challenge, teamwork and the fun of success, and who are determined to succeed. We’re a great place to work!

Current Opportunities

  • Research Engineer - E/M Systems and Controls {tip title=" In this position you will play a critical role in improving and troubleshooting innovative technology. We are looking for a Research Engineer with strong interest in electrical – mechanical (E/M) systems controls and engineering. You should have a passion for making systems work, creativity in problem solving, and the ability to work on multiple projects encompassing multiple engineering disciplines."}[More...]{/tip}
  • Combustion Development Engineer {tip title=" Knowledge of Catalyst, Boiler/Steam Generator, and Gas Turbines with strong fundamental understanding of combustion environments.
        - Good hands-on experimental background
        - Familiarity with controls development
        - Proficiency in FLUENT, CFX, CHEMKIN/CANTERA, and ASPEN
        - Experience in water-cooled walls in combustion environments / heat exchangers / steam generators/ ignition systems"}[More...]{/tip}
  • Mechanical Design Engineer (entry level) {tip title="

    We are in the process of hiring entry level engineers to add to our fuel processing and combustion technology development efforts.

    We are looking for strong fundamentals, passion and creativity to join our high performance team. This position requires design and drafting knowledge to support projects from conceptual design through to prototype build and test. The work is important and varied, and will challenge you to be your best."}[More...]{/tip}

  • Mechanical Design Engineer (minimum 3-5 year's experience) {tip title="In this position you will play a critical role in improving and troubleshooting innovative technology that changes the way energy works in the world. We are looking for an exceptional engineer with strong fundamentals, passion and creativity and the ability to work on multiple projects. This role requires close interaction with other engineering team members and the tenacity to succeed."}[More...]{/tip}
  • Test Engineer - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells {tip title="An opportunity has arisen within the team for a talented engineer with a creative approach to problem-solving in a dynamic environment. This role focuses on taking PCI’s patented reforming technology and working with the engineering team to integrate this technology into a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) power generation system, in the range of sub-kilowatts to tens of kW.

    PCI is looking for self-motivated, disciplined candidates with strong writing and verbal communication skills. This is an excellent opportunity to work with a team of highly talented engineers on groundbreaking technology.
  • Senior IC Engine Combustion Development Engineer {tip title="Technical lead on projects for internal combustion engine systems development, with specific focus on component development concepts. Pluses include experience with design and optimization of portable generators and vehicle systems based on IC engines

        - Design, develop, and execute test plans on IC engines
        - Supervise and provide guidance during controls and power electronics development
        - Write and submit proposals to government and commercial agencies for research and development funding"}[More...]{/tip}

Here’s a short video done on us by Connecticut’s SBIR Office:

Coming soon: We will list job openings for the following

  • Development Engineer - Air Purification Systems (PhD MechE or ChemE)

  • Development Engineer - Hydrogen Production (BSMechE or BSChemE)


To apply for any of these North Haven positions, send resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.